Hi Friend…

My name is Rajat Datta. I am a historian by profession and a random poet by disposition. I am a historian by disposition too, but sometimes one needs to express other ideas, and share them around. When that happens I write in verses (poetry?) about things that I normally do not write as a professional historian, though sometimes when the mood gets me, I do write about historical things in verses, as you will see if you decide to visit my blog sometimes. So, if you like something I’ve written, then give it a `like’, please. Better still, leave a comment if you can spare a moment. In any case, thanks for stopping by…

So, what can you expect from my blog? let me see.

about things that sometimes concern or bother me,

about matters that may also be fun,

humour, and other such things under the sun.

My blog will not be overtly political,

nor, I daresay, fashionably cynical,

but politics will often  intrude,

without hopefully sounding too rude.

I love a laugh anytime, you see,

I tend to find situations quite funny,

I know a sense of humour in good doses,

has kept us going through all these ages.

But seriousness will also be a part,

so please join in, don’t stand apart,

thoughts that I savour in my mind and senses,

will be in this blog in rhyming sentences.

History I teach, write and research,

its what may be called my comfortable perch,

but there is a life beyond the pages of the past,

this blog will take me there, I hope at last.

See you around, maybe.

5 thoughts on “Hi Friend…

  1. Anil Dhingra says:

    Rajat I know you and expect the best from you. Looking forward.


  2. ravi sangal says:

    Hi Rajat, read a part of yr blog. It is superb. Keep up the good work. Do hope to spend more time On this blog… Ravi Sangal


  3. Sudhir Arora says:

    Rajat – well begun is half done! What a start! Am dreaming up a limerick for you – here goes
    A contrarian historian called Rajat Dutta, a dab hand at verse
    Though all day in solemn history he did converse
    Then one day the the blog bug did bite
    And he said, I’m no longer going to sit tight
    Let me share my verse, for better or for worse!

    And we are all the richer for it, Rajat!


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