Contrariwise… or being truly Indian

I often get exasperated at ourselves, at our endless capacity of being contrarians all the time. Here are a few examples.

Have you ever noticed how often we

act, think, and behave to the contrary,

of what is said, written and expected,

and how being contrary is an art we have perfected.

We dismiss rules and regulations offhand,

signage are often not seen for what they stand,

they say something but beckon all of us,

to do the opposite with very little fuss.

When the sign says work in progress,

everything is usually in utter regress,

there’s mess unbelievable to the eye,

pigs I believe live in a cleaner pig sty.

When you see a sign saying men at work,

be sure more than half are going to shirk,

work is often a place where we test,

 our ability to take it easy, to rest.

How often at a sign saying no right turn here,

an irresistible urge comes to do a U-turn without fear,

too bad if this means jeopardising other motorists,

driving is a game of dangerous turns and twists.

Always at a sign saying no entry,

a rush of adrenalin surges immediately,

those who refrain are the weak and spineless,

the brave are meant to trespass regardless.

Earmarked pedestrian crossings I am afraid,

mean exactly the opposite of what’s said,

people waiting to get to the other side ,

must take their life on  a risky ride.

A one way street is a fictional entity,

entering from the wrong side is fashionably gritty,

honk your way as you are opposing the flow,

now your machismo is in its most challenging throe..

Men pee under signs saying commit no nuisance,

we enter through doors saying no admittance,

instructions have a very invidious design,

there’s joy in parking under a no parking sign.

We turn right with the left indicator blinking,

we show how unpredictable is our way of thinking,

persons in front of us in the queue become invisible,

the urge to shove them aside brusquely is irresistible.

The traffic signal is a  minor impediment,

we are all believe in one  basic rudiment,

when the light turns red, its time to shine and rise

heaven help those who think otherwise.

We don’t see things which are in plain sight,

such my friends is our God gifted right,

signage exist all around, but ignoring them is such fun,

being contrarians makes us so truly Indian.

3 thoughts on “Contrariwise… or being truly Indian

  1. Ujjayan says:

    contrariness unifies us, as long it is chalta hai. but no one wishes to appreciate a contrary Idea.


  2. Rajat Datta says:

    Thanks Ravi…its a sad state of affairs here.


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