The ICHR Saga

This piece was written on July, 4, 2015 pertains to the Indian Council for Historical Research and the most shocking things that have been occurring there under the guise of `correcting’ India’s history. I circulated this to a few friends, and I am now posting it here for all of you.

The ICHR—a view from afar

Things are changing, we are told, but view them from afar,
it’s an age of gold, for our venerable ICHR.

The Council we have packed, with many shooting stars,
historians have been sacked, by us newly crowned czars.

Our glorious heritage we’ll revive, and crush all those who question,
our culture will now thrive, itihasa will have its redemption.

Since everything is in the Vedas, why look in other sources?
why worry what others gave us? sanskriti should get all our resources.

The Vedas contain all the sciences, technologies, arts and mathematics,
nuclear devices to household appliances, skeptics just peddle semantics.

We’ll lecture on ancient wisdom, to awestruck RSS apparatchiks,
let them enjoy their new found fiefdom, so order sadhus and assorted mystics.

Officials who argue, disagree , or hold a different  view,
will resign, or made to go, so we can fix the Indian Historical Review.

History has so far been a monopoly, of the pseudo-secular and evil Marxists,
we’ll now form an oligopoly, of astrologists, shamanists and assorted occultists.

Everything will now turn Hindu, all minorities will be Hinduised,
they’ll celebrate Saraswati and Sindhu,  ghar wapsi will historicized.

History books we’ll so revise, that children of all ages,
living in this new paradise, will learn only about Hindu sages.

Funds we have, and funds we’ll share, with proponents of our new scientifics,
you know we really don’t care, for research and all its specifics.

So all’s finally well and merry, not a scratch, nor a scar,
Hindutva is now in its full glory, in the new ICHR.

But please…view from afar!

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