The Yoga Shiver

What you are seeing today on this blog, all the poems, are tumbling out as a result of this first public one, which I wrote and shared as my reaction to my country’s prime minister leading a yoga shivir on that awesomely imperial road in New Delhi, the `Rajpath’.  I called this`The  Yoga Shiver (oops Shivir!)‘.

I am reposting it here today.

We are told that NaMo is really very keen
that on June 21, 2015,
he leads a yoga shiver for the nation,
and gets in return a standing ovation.

Into the Guinness book of records,
the highest recognition it accords,
will come to every bharatwasi
Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh, Jain and Parsi.

There will be postures, contortions and gyrations,
India will now be the envy of nations,
everyone living near or far,
will celebrate our own surya namaskar.

Ministers, bureaucrats and other lowly minions
will all sit on Rajpath with their assorted bunions,
in a loincloth will appear baba Ramdev,
hairiness will henceforth be the new urban rave.

We’ll now weave and bob as one
under the summer’s enervating sun,
so far having lived in fights and spats,
we’ll now be united on Chinese yoga mats.

Friends, the word is now fully out,
Guinness, that venerable Irish stout,
will soon cut through all the commotion,
and finally make India into one true nation.

One thought on “The Yoga Shiver

  1. Ujjayan says:

    Next year it will be Yoga Thunder.


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