The Indian Politician’s Love Song

Our politicians are a class apart…one must stand up and salute them…also sing their praises. Here’s what I consider would be the Indian politician’s love song. If you want you  can sing it to the tune of Saare Jahan Se Accha, Hindustan Hamaara(but with abject apologies to Muhammad Iqbal).

I’m a politician, I have a holy mission, to create endless confusion, without a bloody reason.

Chorus:I’m a politician…

I’ll ask for your precious vote, playing on your fears, once given, you please note, I’ll disappear for five years.

Chorus: I’m a politician…

Parliament everyone loves, sacrosanct, I’m told,

but our protests, done in droves, will put all business on hold.

Chorus: I’m a politician..

My fortunes will soar high, as they will for others like me,

kickbacks and bribes will fly, to make me very happy.

Chorus: I’m a politician…

Scams and fraud all will, become my sole USP,

my hand will be in the till, to your eternal misery.

Chorus: I’m a politician….

l’ll use every ploy, to increase my remuneration,

oh its indeed a great joy, to have a paid five-year vacation.

Chorus: I’m a politician…

I’ll stoke controversies, for no rhyme or reason,

and all my adversaries, should be hanged for treason.

Chorus: I`m a politician…

The sole point, you see, is to keep me in the zone,

no criticism sticks on me, for I am the genuine moron.

Chorus: I’m a politician…

I am there to lead you, forever to be renewed,

so what if I screw you, you are there to be screwed

Chorus: I’m a politician….

Now I come to the best part, and I also confess,

I’ll turn fraud into an art, and leave a bloody awful mess.

Chorus: I’m a politician

For I am a politician, I have a holy mission,

to screw the entire nation, with no moral consideration.

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