Odd poetic situations, or when does poetry strike?

When does the poetic moment strike? Here are a few remarkable examples.

Poetry is an art, very difficult some say,
a rhyme knows no reason, season, night or day.
How poets gets inspired remains for many a mystery,
I have some thoughts on this, which I’ll share for free.
I hope to prove by giving mundane instances,
how poetry happens without any bardic pretenses.
So here goes my friend, enjoy the ride,
stand up, be counted, discover your poetical side.
Sitting on a park bench spending some time
try to be a poet, cook up a rhyme.
Sitting in a movie hall, watching the show
a verse can come to mind, rushing in full flow.
Sitting in a coffee shop, with a cup of hot brew,
sometimes helps greatly in getting a verse through.
Sitting on the` throne’ with the day’s newspaper,
is often a fitting atmosphere for a morning poetic caper.
Sometimes in my mind a suitable rhyme races,
while sitting in my office marking students’ essays.
Driving in the height of the maddening traffic of Delhi,
you can compose a rhyme or two if you curse poetically.
Lounging at home with a nice drink for company,
can often lead to you writing a verse too many.
Who said a poet had to be that special kind of guy,
you can write poetry while watching the world go by.
The only problem is with writing when you’re trying to sleep,
of course, then you can always write about counting sheep.

One thought on “Odd poetic situations, or when does poetry strike?

  1. Ravi Sangal says:

    Beautiful Rajat. Keep it up. The new background is also very appealing…Ravi


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