On Blogging, Especially in Verse

Writing a blog, that too in verse
is for better or for worse,
like a rain swept lonely furrow,
here today, may be gone tomorrow.

A blog is a complicated business,
expressing happiness or uneasiness,
with concerns that I think should matter,
beyond the closed walls of idle chatter.

Plus blogging in poetry is not easy,
though once written it does look breezy,
and since I don’t write poetry in free lines,
rhyming becomes a difficult job sometimes.

Yet I enjoy writing in rhymes,
of this, that and the other of our times,
simply stated, when my mind threatens to clog,
I unclog it by taking recourse to my blog.

One thought on “On Blogging, Especially in Verse

  1. Anil Dhingra says:

    All the best for your blogging in verse which we will keenly follow.


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