Six days ago I posted my poem `Where the mind is with fear’. When I wrote that, Ratna thought it was very depressing and that I ought to follow it up with something positive too–something hopeful. I promised her I would do that…so here is my poem called `Hope’.

Everyone…from the beggar to the pope,
to the condemned at the end of a rope,
has some hope.

Some hope to be happy, some to be well,
some hope to buy cheap,some, to profitably sell.

Some hope to invest wisely, some hope their stocks will rise,
while some may hope to find solace in the company of the wise.

Some hope that today will yield to a better tomorrow,
some hope for some happiness to shine through their sorrow.

Some hope that what they lost will be found one day,
some hope that a guiding light will show them the way.

Some hope that clouds will lift and the sun will shine through,
some hope that the clouds will stay and bring some rain too.

Some hope that those they love, will always be by their side,
some hope that the love they lost, will return with the tide.

Some hope that life, will not give them cause to worry,
some hope that those they’ve hurt, will let them say sorry.

Some hope for justice, some for the divine,
some hope for deliverance, some for a sign.

Some hope as time will pass, things will be for the better,
Some hope that today’s mail, will bring that long awaited letter.

Some hope that today is done, but tomorrow will be new,
some hope they’ll bring happiness, if only to a few.

In this negative state of being, not crushed but tired,
hope is a fresh way of seeing, something to be desired.

There is much sadness around, some genuine, some contrived,
with hope break new ground, for having somehow survived.

So let’s continue hoping, there’s nothing to lose, only to gain,
for with hope we are enabled, to smile through all our pain.

2 thoughts on “Hope

  1. Ratnapria Datta says:

    I like this poem very much


  2. Anil Dhingra says:

    Very nice. Hope is what keeps us going.


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