The ICHR’s Ayodhya Visit

I recently read that a certain so-called historian who also holds an important position in the Indian Council for Historical Research (ICHR) went to Ayodhya, where he was able discover everything about Ram just by walking about in that city. All he needed for such revelations, he said, were faith, belief and a complete conviction that history was intuitively his domain. He could find history just by looking for it…
I was understandably very envious. I had spent a lifetime trying to be a careful historian, and here he was, finding history just by looking at it. I decided to extol his skills in the following verses.

Once there was a so-called historian in the ICHR,
who almost became big rock star,
when he went to Ayodhya on a walkabout,
and spotted Ram standing on a redoubt.

The historian from ICHR then said,
to those living, and to those who were dead,
history is mine, it’s at my beck and call,
in that area I have total recall.

This historian was able to break new ground
when he declared that he had finally found,
the exact spot of Ram’s birthplace,
which had so far vanished without a trace.

Once done, the historian proclaimed,
all sceptics will now be thoroughly ashamed,
good historians need no records or evidence,
all’s best revealed when left to providence.

Then he announced with great fanfare,
history is here, there and everywhere,
to find it one doesn’t need sources,
just leave veracity to religious forces.

Such elan and panache were seldom witnessed,
those who stood around were deeply impressed,
watching the formidable genius at work,
everyone was justifiably dumb struck.

For the hordes of bigoted fanatics,
sanghis, bajrangis, and other lunatics,
no further proof was necessary,
they had their history’s greatest living accessory.

Ram’s birthplace was no longer a mystery,
it had been given a totally new history,
Hindutva’s final solution was now made simple,
a mosque we’ve destroyed, now go build a temple.

2 thoughts on “The ICHR’s Ayodhya Visit

  1. Ravi says:

    Hey Rajat
    Your poem is both hilarious and at the same time a serious comment on the capabilities of some of our government officials.
    Ravi Sangal


    • Brilliant ! Though I feel sad for both you and me: we have both wasted our lives searching for what we were told was evidence before venturing out with a statement ! What a loss of time !!


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