Our Parliamentarians (or the Great, Great Shirk)

Our parliamentarians have a lot to say
about perks, subsidies and hikes in their pay
but when it comes to making things work,
then is the time for the great, great shirk.

Every session is reduced to a travesty,
diluting parliament’s awesome majesty,
farcical are the stuff of parliamentary debates
more pressing issues are the canteen rebates.

Our legislators are a unique class
can convert seriousness into complete farce,
handling of national issues leaves one incredulous,
as the sublime is reduced to the ridiculous.

The well of the house is where the action moves
our politicians rush there in droves,
charges and accusations fly thick and fast,
as appetites increase for a subsidized repast.

Items and bills on the agenda of the houses
are stymied to enable them to air their grouses ,
so what if the nation watches and dismays,
at this sight of our parliamentarian’s ways.

Yet we all patiently sit, watch and wait
for them to decide the nation’s fate,
to conduct business, get back to work,
and not use politics for their great, great shirk.

One thought on “Our Parliamentarians (or the Great, Great Shirk)

  1. Don’t be unfair to our honourable MPs, Rajat. If they can’t provide us with any good laws, their shenanigans in the well of the house provide us with good entertainment ! Not a small contribution to India’s happiness !


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