We are Ambiguous (or The Indian Middle Class)

We are seriously ambiguous,
we are deliciously ambivalent,
we are always self-conscious,
to be so is our basic talent.

We vacillate, prevaricate,
and always speak in many voices
we pontificate, procrastinate,
but must enjoy all the choices.

We say the opposite of what we mean,
but we do it with elan,
we are always heard but seldom seen,
we disappear when we can.

Earnest we are in our intentions ,
we seldom see them through,
we stay away from contentions,
we’re happy to let them brew.

We engage with radical causes,
we give them all these a close look,
we make all the correct noises,
on twitter and facebook.

We deeply worry, get angry and agitate,
when crime rocks our cities,
but never take the trouble to cogitate,
on how crime effects poorer entities?

Issues which concern only us,
we support, but rarely en masse,
about other things we’re ambiguous,
for we’re the Indian Middle Class.


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