Acche Din in Swachh Bharat

On this Independence Day…

We are in the midst of `acche din‘ and looking to get a whole new `swachh bharat‘. I wonder what this means to those who vociferously peddle these to us? Maybe the following:

There’s so much to savour, in our ongoing acche din,
in our new nationalist flavour, and in that overflowing dust bin.

Acche din is a year old, running smoothly without glitches,
all you see , so we are told, are progress and overall riches.

Things will become even better, so much will change all around,
India will be the global trend setter, making up for all the lost ground.

Growth will be 8 per cent, production will grow taller,
exports will exponentially increase, the rupee might overtake the dollar!

Farmers will be happy to find the government firmly on their side,
but, some in an absence of mind, go and commit suicide.

All garbage will be swept aside, with NaMo’s new broom,
into a brave new world we’ll ride, silencing all who talk of doom.

Swacch we weren’t as a nation, but swachh we now will be,
the UN will give a standing ovation, to the newly clean bharatwasi.

From this swacch will be seen, a new birth, a new genesis,
dirt will now get a new sheen, caste will finally meet its nemesis.

Minorities will have no fears, their fortunes will only rise,
only smiles, no more tears, for those ‘Hindus’ in disguise.

IITs, IIMs will fall flat, universities made deficient,
education? what needs that, when the Vedas are so proficient.

Acche din loves institutions, built over the years,
It’ll organize their restitution, once they are obliterated, have no fears.

Our ancient sanskriti will now achieve its greatest stride,
to cement a new nation, and a beacon of our national pride.

The Ayodhya issue will be revived, Ram must get his janma bhoomi,
and show how Hindus survived Babur, but also Auliya, Khusro, and Rumi.

All’s well with the nation, all’s well, all’s calm,
rajya is here to stay, we’ll now find the elusive Ram.

One thought on “Acche Din in Swachh Bharat

  1. Ratnapria Datta says:

    Powerful and incisive


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