This Land of Fraud (Wo)Men

We are a land of godmen,
sometimes some god women too
we love our various fraud men,
and the sundry fraud women too.

What’s it about us that makes
us so prone? So easy to sway,
when a godman says that he alone,
can help us find a way.

Why are we so morbidly obsessed?
why do we need so much to believe?
is it because we are so oppressed?
or is it just another reason to live?

Desperately seeking human gods,
is what we seem to do best,
even if this means massive frauds,
are perpetrated on the rest.

We have babas and matas galore,
also gurus and the odd spiritual master,
the restless urge to have some more,
keeps them being churned out faster.

Their misdemeanours and felonies,
make criminals more desirous,
they spew falsehoods and other baloneys,
and lie while looking so pious.

They rob, cheat, molest and rape,
all with great impunity,
they peddle false dreams,
as we gape with great sincerity.

With folded hands, sitting on floors,
heads demurely covered and bent,
sometimes even on all fours,
supplicants, as we look at that heaven sent!

Wearing white, or heavily bejewelled,
these men and women are trending
moral turpitude, rape to larceny,
the options they provide are unending.

Still I ask what’s it that make us do,
what we do always without fail,
why do we worship these fakes,
when they should all be permanently in jail.

The answer I’m afraid is not easy,
devotion comes quickly in this meridian,
We don’t rationalize or feel queasy,
for we’re, after all, being truly Indian.

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