Remove All Pollutants, Says Our Minister

A minister in our government has said `Our culture is polluted’!

Our minister says our culture has suffered great pollution,
he has now offered a very fine and thoughtful solution,
it’ll be all about the preservation of sabhayata and sanskriti,
being bharatiya now will entail a completely new jagriti.

To be fair to this honourable minister,
he was trying not to appear very sinister,
while dishing out what surely ranks,
among the top gems spilt by the finest of cranks.

Being Indian will mean a complete cultural cleansing,
all pollutants will be given a very thorough rinsing,
arise, he says, for a new era is now beckoning,
reinvent yourselves on this new day of reckoning.

What does he mean by pollution, one may ask?
how do we see behind this unholy mask?
pollution is whatever has so far stood in the way,
of Hindutva fanatics from enforcing their sway.

Originating from a deep seated and regressive urge,
to lead this country through a systematic purge,
minorities will be collared and controlled,
dissent will be crushed and defeated, so I am told.

The new heroes of our culture, these sanyasis and the sadhu,
wielding cultural practices of magic, tantra and voodoo,
heritage will now be dispensed in pure Sanskrit
this language of the gods, for the new Indian `Spirit’.

Hindi the subaltern cultural bearer of this `pure’ language,
thrust down our throats to teach us of our glorious heritage,
all other languages will now be marginal and ineffective,
inconsequential, powerless and culturally defective.

Would those who worry so about pollutants of our past,
also include in their agenda the annihilation caste?
what about the `pollution’ of our medieval history?
how will that be removed is not really a mystery.

Histories of communities, their languages and cultures,
will be cast aside by this new committee of vultures,
these new defenders of our past, heritage and sanskriti
will slowly destroy our country’s entity.

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