The Ban of Meat

Our country today is charged over the question of meat,
as an issue this one is hard to beat,
if ever there was a country which loves to chase its tail,
India surely is bound to prevail.

Oh what a great controversy is this turning out to be,
but what I clearly fail to see,
in a nation where the majority love their chicken and mutton,
vegetarianism is being thrust as the new dietary glutton.

Non-vegetarianism has become an incomprehensible causes celebres,
by the attempts to forcefully suppress,
its consumption on grounds that one particular community,
needs to push vegetarianism as its cultural identity.

A country where large numbers are underfed and malnourished,
where of hunger thousands have perished,
a debate on what constitutes a culturally conditioned diet,
should be enough to start a riot.

2 thoughts on “The Ban of Meat

  1. Ravi says:

    Hi Rajat
    The ban on Meat is a very timely piece. It sums up the extent to which a govt in India can go to on non-issues. Imagine, Supreme Court had to intervene to decide the issue. You have very rightly said that while people in India do not have food to eat, we want it to conform to some vague cultural/ religious practice.
    Ravi Sangal


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