Seven Limericks on a Great Minister of Culture


A cultural man of some dubious distinction,
being worried about his culture’s extinction,
woke up one day,
and wanted to have his say,
on matters on which he had no comprehension

There is a certain cultural minister,
who tries not to look overtly sinister,
but it so comes to pass,
he leaves odorous gas,
when he opens his oral canister.

A minister of culture declares with great elation
that he has secret plan to cleanse the nation
he has a detergent
and a waiting contingent
who in drains and gutters find their station.

A culture minister now says quite regularly,
that all animals four legged should be treated fairly,
so he wants to ban all meats,
and other such delightful treats,
he has a vegetable’s state of mind quite clearly.

A minister who minds our sanskriti,
has nothing but delightful empathy,
in order to conserve it,
and so to preserve it,
he blames all minorities for their antipathy.

A minister of culture in this dispensation,
Has an interesting cultural pretension,
he has been waxing eloquent,
but with ideas so delinquent,
that clowns are facing serious competition.

A cultural minister in cloud cuckoo land,
who wanted to become a one man band,
so he started to play,
and began to bray,
while scratching his unmentionable with one hand.

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