Remembering Dadri

I’m told that our country is turning a new leaf,
spurred as it is over the question of eating beef,
and genuinely irked as we are about cow slaughter
we are fine when it comes to sacrificing the daughter.

In a country charged with equal rights for minorities
hindutva seeks to turn them into meaningless entities
what they do, how they live and eat, will be a majority concern
if we hit them hard enough, this the minorities will soon learn.

It’s not the first time that we have collectively slaughtered
In the past, we’ve killed, as if people’s lives hardly mattered
but what was it about the lynching at Dadri,
that set a new bench mark in collective butchery?

The lynching of Mohammad Akhlaq on a dietary suspicion
is the nadir that we can reach as a nation,
for the outcry against beef, as is being now done
is just a metaphor for destroying a people’s religion.

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