The Holy Cow: Some Irreverent Thoughts

BJP is Congress but with a cow, says Shourie,
this is certainly bound to raise a lot of fury.

The cow, I’m being told by our friendly hindutva goon,
has stopped jumping over the shiny moon.

She has, it’s said, turned around and is instead doing,
a lot of cultured and sanskriti oriented mooing.

It’s also in some quarters firmly the belief,
that cowdung and cow urine brings great relief .

So what she urinates and what she defecates,
should be served in India, that is Bharat, on our plates.

Our great civilization say the Khaki chaddi wallas,
was conceived and delivered in various gau-shalas.

To utter the cow word these days I’m constrained to say
can cause a lot of khaki shorts to march your way.

So, if the BJP is Congress plus the cow,
isn’t it time for someone to lynch it now?

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