The Assembly at Wembley

A man from India went to a stadium in Wembley,
where he had to address a very large assembly.

Here awestruck NRIs and a fawning national press,
went euphoric about his `historic’ address.

Such a consummate performer for the NRIs he was,
an expert at demagoguery without a pause

He talked FDI, FII and of other such glories,
and spun a web of market friendly stories

He spoke of pluralism, tolerance and acceptance,
making what was perhaps an off-shore repentance.

For the country in which he’s mandated to govern,
cultural thugs are set loose to lynch and burn.

Though knowing well that the regime in his own country,
operates quite contrary to his well-crafted oratory.

In the UK, USA and places where liberalism thrives,
to say anything else would bring out the knives.

Now that the game has ended, and the speech is over,
I wonder how he will end this elaborate makeover.

Let’s connect the dots, and add an interjection,
will a leopard change his spots? Now, that is a question!

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