Nine Nonsensical Rhymes on the Saffron Brigade

A week or so ago I had posted some limericks on the saffron brigade on Face Book. I’m now posting all nine here.

Saffron has been given a religious hue
by people who don’t have a clue
but think that the bovine
is next to the divine
but talk instead of going `moo moo’.

Many of those wearing saffron these days
are freaking out in mysterious ways
some are raving, some are ranting
some are just busy chanting
while some are in a completely looney place

The saffron brigade’s raising a furore
minorities have to be shown the door
if ghar wapsi they don’t choose
the saffronites will blow a fuse
and burn in their knickers, I’m sure

Women and men of the saffron brigade
are very pious, it is often said
their piety is glorious
yet they are so furious
for no one listens to their tirade.

Elements of the hindutva fringe
Are these days on a saffron binge
they rave and they rant
they shout and chant
in a language that makes you cringe.

The saffron brigade I’m told
is enjoying their age of gold
for them this is cool
an opportunity to fool
the brainless twits in their fold.

Men and women wearing a saffron hue
are at the top of the fools who’s who
for they spare no pains
being assured of much gains
if they can use their minds as their loo.

Khaki and saffron are these days frothing
and are generally quite busy loathing
all different coloured apparel
`cause they’re itching for a quarrel
being wolves in sheep’s clothing

Saffron is the colour of the season
but for no rhyme or reason
if a colour is not saffron
even if it’s an apron
you could be charged with treason.

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