Who is a Hindu?

Who is a Hindu? This question these days is doing the rounds
From social media, to the chatterati to the RSS’s shakha grounds.

A vexed question indeed, who precisely should in this feature?
For no one is sure about its being, about this particular creature?

Is Hinduism a religion, a creed, a belief or a just another way of life?
A belief system, a faith, a sect, cult or just another means to survive?

Are Hindus Aryans? That increasingly in many quarters is being said,
To get a purity of lineage and imagining themselves as pure bred.

Who are Hindus? Did all Hindus have commonly shared pasts?
When was this past? And how did they come to be divided into castes?

Being a Hindu does it not mean excluding many from their touch?
Staying pure at one end, but be free to have all others to besmirch.

Does it not mean that as Hindus all of them have in all probability?
Have practiced, or practice or believe in some form of untouchability?

The shadows of `lesser’ humans falling on their self-righteous path,
For Hindus this has been always been a justified cause for wrath.

Are Hindus only so because they pray in a place called a temple?
But debar others from entering these, the dalits for example.

Is not killing cows what makes a Hindu, or totally abhorring beef?
But is it Hindu to kill on suspicion of someone hurting this belief?

Hindus worship cows we’re told, they are as precious as their breath,
But plastic in the garbage they eat slowly smothers them to death.

Who is a Hindu? Who decides, who shall be included, who’s to be rejected?
In religion’s name so many people to so many wrongs we’ve subjected.

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