These Days

These days, who to believe, what to believe in,
Are thoughts which are randomly troubling me,
These days, it seems to me pretty much a sin,
To try to go a step beyond, to feel, to see.

These days, who to see, what to see and where,
Are concerns which are causing enormous stress,
These days, it seems that to know, to be aware,
Unleash uncontrollable urges to suppress.

These days, who to beware, how, and for what reason,
Are questions which we don’t need to anymore ask,
These day, we think of others as plotting treason,
And of conspiracies we need to unravel and unmask.

These days, conspiracies galore we’ll find if we look,
If not, the way out is to imagine them to be afoot,
These days, stir conspiracies well, slowly, let them cook,
But be prepared well to hit, hurt, maim and scoot.

These days, who’re these others who so worry  you?
Who cause concern, disgust, threaten, and  anger us,
These days, they are those whose religions we consider untrue,
Whose beliefs we besmirch and condemn as dangerous.

These days the glib charge of being anti-national,
Is thrown on anyone like so much loose change,
These days, what prevail are the reactionary and irrational,
Savage and repressive in their scope and range.

These days, what matters not an iota is adherence to law,
What matters not at all is respect, tolerance and acceptance,
These days, what matters is brutality to shock and awe,
What matters is the legitimization of cultural repugnance.

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